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Rugby Information - Protect Your Head During Games With Rugby Headgears
By Ilse Hagen

Rugby is a contact and live action sport where in players often collide with one another or are thrown into the ground. Given the very physical nature of this sport, it is to no wonder that players are required to wear protective items. These include shoes with cleats to minimize slipping and shoulder pads for upper body protection. The most important protective items worn by players, however, are rugby headgears.Importance of wearing headgearsRugby players wear headgears primarily to protect their head from injuries. Rugby headgears are lightweight and have contoured designs which decrease the player's risk of sustaining injuries to their heads while playing. Several studies, however, have found that these headgears do not provide sufficient protection against concussions because of their thin and soft nature and the lack of face guards. According to international standards, headgears used for rugby must not be more than one centimeter thick, which is recommended so as not to hamper the players performance. Nevertheless, headgears do provide protection and comfort to rugby players, which makes these products important parts of the players' uniforms.Types of headgearsDepending on his experience level, a player has choice between senior or junior rugby headgears. Senior headgears are for the more advanced, usually professional level rugby players. These headgears contour perfectly to a player's head to provide him with maximum protection and comfort. Most products in this category are made with impact resistant foam with Velcro chin straps, ear pieces, and expandable closure systems.Junior headgears, on the other hand, are for younger and inexperienced players. These headgears are usually used by rugby players competing in junior leagues and by people who play rugby as a way to pass the time and not as a professional sport. Nonetheless, most junior head gears are made with the same materials as the professional variety, although they are usually softer and thinner.Important informationComplete information on pickyguide sports_and_recreation/rugby_headgears_guide rugby headgears is available at PickyGuide, the authority in free consumer advice. Access top-ranked, best-reviewed, and most competitively priced rugby headgears in PickyGuide's recommended products section. Ilse_Hagen Ilse_Hagen

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